Feeding the Future

Provoked to action by the food crisis of 2008, the NGO Working Group on Food & Hunger was founded in order to coordinate advocacy at the United Nations as related to issues of hunger, malnutrition, agriculture, food production, and their associated matters. This coalition strives to promote an improved understanding of food and hunger related concerns at the UN, thereby inciting more effective action pertaining to the establishment and implementation of international food policy.

In order to achieve this goal, the Working Group holds monthly coalition meetings to discuss and examine current topics relevant to food policy, strategic advocacy, and support for associated initiatives. It also operates by pursuing dialogue with partners on the ground, networking with policymakers, and organizing and facilitating policy briefings. Through these actions, the Working Group endeavors to represent the positions of its NGO members so that the collective voice may be amplified.

Together, the Working Group advocates for food relief, food security, optimal nutrition, sustainable agriculture and food production, the rights of farmers and laborers throughout the food system, land rights, agricultural investment, and a multitude of topics that play a critical role in achieving the ambition of alleviating global hunger and malnutrition.